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Your donation will support UJF’s efforts to use Black cuisine to transform the 51st Street transit corridor and to employ music and the arts to rehabilitate the historic Forum complex and revitalize the area around 43rd Street and the CTA Green Line.

At Urban Juncture Foundation we’re working with neighbors to use our cultural assets to establish locally-owned enterprises and community-driven initiatives around key transit stations in order to revitalize our community.


Donations of all amounts can help us grow and maintain our programs:

$50 Can cover the cost of seeds for one planter in Bronzeville Community Garden

$100 Can provide a grant for our Bronzeville Internship and Fellowship programs

$250 Can support labor and materials for one person-day of work rehabilitating The Forum

$500 Can support our effort to expand our Boxville™ market in 2018


You can also donate by mail.

Please make checks payable to Urban Juncture Foundation and mail to:
300 East 51st Street
Chicago, IL 60615

Thanks for your support!