Working in developing commercial real estate and related enterprises that address the needs of under served communities.

Our developments are tailored to the specific needs & unique assets of our communities. We provide job opportunities to residents, quality goods and services to serve existing and secure new residents, and unique events and attractions to attract visitors. As a result, we help to stabilize our communities, facilitate their integration with the broader region, and improve the well-being of residents. 

Bronzeville Cookin' 51st Street site map

Bronzeville Cookin' 51st Street site map

The Urban Need & Opportunity

A wide gap exists between the downtown districts of our leading metropolises and the ethnic and minority communities located in their inner cities. While our ethnic communities are geographically close to downtown, they are often economically and socially distant. Bridging this gap is one of the most important challenges facing America today. Social programs alone have proven to be insufficient. We must invest in creating sound economic foundations for our communities.


Where Commerce meets Community

Successfully marrying commerce and community requires a deep understanding of and appreciation for commerce and community and the ability to anticipate and address opportunity and conflict between them. To these ends, we work closely with three key sets of constituencies:

• With the community to define its needs and leverage its assets, 

• With the business sector to obtain capital and other resources, 

• With the public and foundation sectors to create the environment required for success. 

Our success is measured by our positive impact on our host communities and our ability to deliver attractive returns – in financial as well as human terms – to all of our partners. 


We work with key community, regional, and national groups to facilitate a coordinated and strategic approach to community development.

We are a member of the Bronzeville Retail Initiative (BRI), which works with the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) to develop a planning framework for retail development in Bronzeville. This framework focuses on facilitating the creation of unique retail offerings along 47th Street and at the 43rd and 51st Street and CTA Green Line transit nodes.